The last time

Alodia turned 6 months old  a couple weeks ago.  My little baby is closer to one than she is to her birth day.  Will and I have always said “we love having nothing to do with each other” meaning that we love being together and having nothing to do.  Lately, as a family, we have been so busy simply spending time together not doing anything of importance and it has been really nice.  Setting aside empty spots in schedules for the entire family is something we plan to do for as long as we can because someday Elizabeth and Alodia will have other priorities.  We need to cherish every moment we’re able to.

Alodia began crawling in her 5th month.  She is pulling up on things, even standing on one foot, and walking along the coffee table and other furniture.  She has her two bottom front teeth, naps in her crib in her own room, rides in a convertible car seat, and absolutely adores her older sister.  She has light brown hair and hazel eyes.  She’s going to be the wild one, we can feel it.

I saw a poem on facebook not too long ago that really resonated with me.  I’ve kept it in the back of my mind, unable yet unwilling, to shake it from my memory:

The last time

We will do everything we can to ensure these girls receive the most positive roots possible.  This poem really forces me to be aware of every little thing I might take for granted. ❤

Almost two

Now that spring has arrived and it’s in the 70’s I’ve finally begun to accept that Elizabeth is turning two.  She’s almost two years old, guys!  Two!  She’s the most kind, understanding, docile, and eager toddler I’ve come across.  She’s genuinely a great little girl.  Her temper tantrums make other kid’s good days look bad.  Elizabeth is simply perfect.

Not only that, but Alodia is turning 6 months old this week.  The majority of people say she looks just like Will, but I’ve begun to receive “she looks just like you” comments recently.  Her fist half-year is almost complete.  She’s about to begin sleeping in her own room, eating solid food and she’s SO motivated about it.

I’m in complete denial about these precious little girls growing up, but in all reality toddlers are more fun than babies anyway.

I would have a photo of A from our first beach day of 2017 but she was napping in the carrier while Elizabeth and I walked up and down the beach collecting sea shells, rocks, fist fulls of sand, and shark teeth. So you’ll just have to accept photos of E instead. 🙂

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Valentine’s Day craft inspiration

I love holidays and especially love the fun that comes with them.  People tend to tuck their creativeness away until holidays where it will suddenly emerge!  I wouldn’t complain if we were all creative all the time though. 😉

Crafts and artwork are always fun, and the best thing is that with holidays I don’t necessarily have to be mentally creative or imaginative for the themed crafts since so many people already have been and share their great ideas.

That brings me here, with lovely ideas to do for Valentine’s day crafts for Elizabeth and Alodia which I have rounded up here to share with you.  Once Elizabeth wakes up we’ll begin our craft date on the porch! ❤


These hearts are quick and easy and can be made entirely with leftover craft scraps and recycling.  How great is that?  I can imagine how cute these would look hanging on a girly Christmas tree, too.


Crafts that celebrate not only a holiday but that also capture a moment in time like these fingerprints are especially dear to me.  This fingerprint heart tree could so easily be mailed to loved ones as a Valentine’s day card!


These hearts are so pretty I’d love to make some simply to hang in the girl’s play area!  They just use paper, paint, scissors, and shaving cream.  Imagine how fun that will be for little hands to get messy with (even big hands, lets be serious, I’d smush it around too).

I can’t even collect any more at the moment, I’m too eager to get the supplies assembled so Elizabeth can dive right in after waking up before it gets dark and buggy!  Happy Sunday!

Sources: yarn hearts  |  fingerprint tree  |  shaving cream heart

16 Month old tantrums

Not one parent or caretaker of a toddler can say that they haven’t experienced at least one tantrum.  My dreamy little 16 month old is currently in a hitting stage.  It’s like being hit by a hamster but still, she’s hitting.  This child will protest anything.  As you parents, guardians or caretakers probably understand that for these tiny humans the world absolutely stops for a facial expression they disagree with, food near their face that is in a spoon not held by them, etc.  The most insane things, in the moment it’s *somewhat* difficult to see the humor but I’m always amused by it.

I have strict rules for this girl, and she’s a very well behaved child, but everybody has a moment and toddlers aren’t accustomed to social norms so they will drop and fail and hit with their little hamster hits.  I have found that ignoring Elizabeth, when I’m able to, is the best way for her to get over her issue and begin behaving properly.  Before I realized ignoring was successful, she would begin misbehaving more and more because when she would misbehave she gained my attention instantly.  Now she knows that if she wants my attention instantly she just needs to behaving nicely, rather than be sour.  Also redirecting her is highly successful.  I’m not going to be the type of parent who gives her fussy toddler an ice cream because she saw another child with one and threw a fit.  Nope.  Not going to fly.  I frequently redirect her attention to something, wither it be a replacement; snack crackers to eat rather than a treat she saw and wanted, or redirected altogether simply by pointing something out to pay attention to or by playing something with her, etc.  What is a technique that you use to negotiate with your little terrorist toddler?


Elizabeth’s 16 month update

November 14, 2016 | 16 months

Today this nugget turned 16 months old. She walks backwards proudly, runs forward, signs over 5 signs, has 12 teeth, and gives snuggles on demand. Elizabeth has a quickly growing vocabulary and is gaining skills physically almost every minute. Her current favorite things include being in her learning tower to help in the kitchen, doing anything on her own without help, and both Alodia and Oscar. At her 15 month follow up she was 23 lbs 3 oz and 29.5″ long!



I have become fascinated with Montessori searches on Pinterest.  I’ve always loved the simple clean looks for toy rooms/areas, and I’ve done my best to keep Elizabeth’s bedroom and toy area accessible and tidy, but the more I learn about Montessori the more intrigued I am by it, and I’m realizing I kind of have a knack for this type of thing!  Woo!

“Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.” – Fred Rogers

I’ve always considered myself a “lazy” parent.  I don’t want to deal with constantly scolding my daughter or preventing her from getting into things so the temptations aren’t there, simple as that.  The entire downstairs of our house is Elizabeth-friendly.  A simple day can go by without me having to chase her down because she wandered into another room, how cool is that?

She has and will learn boundaries as they come, but not in a way that is constantly teasing and taunting her.  I would be frustrated if Will was always doing something that I thought looked great but whenever I tried it he prevented me; so that thought process has inspired me to try to look at things through her eyes and create a little world for her to explore freely.

Two blogs in particular have been so much fun for me to explore lately, and have become such an inspiration for me.  I believe in Montessori and The Kavanaugh Report are highly recommended and unbelievably helpful in helping me learn, to help my daughter learn.

“Play is the work of the child.” – Maria Montessori

I don’t consider myself a Montessori parent because I’m not fully educated on the topic, maybe someday I will be, maybe I’ll stick with what we’ve been doing so far, but I hope to keep you updated on our learning adventures together regardless.