Almost two

Now that spring has arrived and it’s in the 70’s I’ve finally begun to accept that Elizabeth is turning two.  She’s almost two years old, guys!  Two!  She’s the most kind, understanding, docile, and eager toddler I’ve come across.  She’s genuinely a great little girl.  Her temper tantrums make other kid’s good days look bad.  Elizabeth is simply perfect.

Not only that, but Alodia is turning 6 months old this week.  The majority of people say she looks just like Will, but I’ve begun to receive “she looks just like you” comments recently.  Her fist half-year is almost complete.  She’s about to begin sleeping in her own room, eating solid food and she’s SO motivated about it.

I’m in complete denial about these precious little girls growing up, but in all reality toddlers are more fun than babies anyway.

I would have a photo of A from our first beach day of 2017 but she was napping in the carrier while Elizabeth and I walked up and down the beach collecting sea shells, rocks, fist fulls of sand, and shark teeth. So you’ll just have to accept photos of E instead. 🙂

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Being stationed here at Camp Lejeune I have really dug in and researched the web to discover the area.  I don’t want to miss out on things I may never have an opportunity to experience again.  This week I have really taken up on going to the Beach.  It hasn’t been the nicest weather, in fact it has been completely cloud cover, chilly, windy, and rainy.  I have been fortunate in that we visit for 90 minutes at most and never seem to get rained on.  Elizabeth has loved it.  She and I went together the first day while Will was working and it was warm enough for shorts and a tshirt.  We found a few little shark teeth that day, too!  The following day we went to the beach with Will and we found even more shark teeth (I sense an obsession coming on).  Elizabeth loves everything about the ocean.  If she’s being held or strapped into her stroller she is content watching the waves break or the birds fly by.

We live about 30 minutes from the beach right now, luckily it’s right here on base so it is an easy trip to make, but I couldn’t be happier about it.  Every time I’m at the beach my mind is at peace.  It finally gives me quiet time (If are un-medicated ADD, you probably understand).  While we are here for the next two years I plan to really explore my surroundings and experience everything I can. 🙂