Today I received the lens mentioned mentioned in this post.  It is an exciting lens for me and though I’m the most amateur of amateurs when it comes to photography I am aware (hopeful? haha!) that practice makes perfect, and eventually my photos will be straight up awesome.

This new lens is a 40mm macro lens so these photos were mainly me practicing with the lighting (as always) and aperture.  Any constructive criticism is welcome, you’d be doing me a favor! 🙂



I always have qualms about sharing things because I’m such a private person so I really hope you enjoy what I have to share now and in the future.

Thanks for stopping by! ❤

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Mom guilt

I am a huge advocate for quick and easy in every aspect of life, concerning Christmas cards, I like to customize and order them online and have them ready within a day or two.  I typically do any cards through Staples copy center simply because I was treated very well by the company and bosses I had while I worked there in college.  You see, it’s such a simple process to get your customized holiday cards, announcements, invitations, etc. through staples copy center.  Their inventory can be accessed on their website or in the store and your photos and information is added easily.  The next step is to wait for the local store to complete your project and by the end of the following day you will have your product in hand!

I’m sharing this with you because I just submitted my order for our Christmas cards and I cannot wait to pick them up tomorrow and get them sent out on Monday.

Our Christmas card this year has two photos on the front; we included a photo of the four of us and an adorable photo (if I may say so myself) of Elizabeth.  I get extreme mom guilt when I do things like this because I feel as though Alodia is missing out, but I have to remind myself that she’ll have her time to shine as well, and that photo is simply just cute because she got up and walked away and our photographer snapped some shots.


Parenting two children

If you’re exhausted with your first child you simply sleep when they sleep.  I did that a lot when Elizabeth was a newborn.  She didn’t sleep for longer than 2 or 3 hour increments (including over night) until she was over 8 months old; sleeping is not this girl’s forte.  I occasionally napped when she napped when she was a little older until she was sleeping through the night at about 8.5 months old.  Spring to now, infrequently do I have a day where Elizabeth and Alodia sleep simultaneously, but fortunately Alodia is an angel of sleep; as I write this Elizabeth is gallivanting with her cymbals and Alodia has slept soundly just 2 yards away.

Where things concerning parenting multiples become more complicated is when I’m dealing with them in public by myself.  (I praise those parents who have more children than they have hands.) A 16 month old’s temper tantrum in the grocery store is much easier to handle without a 1 month old strapped to my chest.  I look forward to a year from now when Alodia is 1 and Elizabeth 2, and they both have fits together, it’ll be a great time.  I’m still working out the best system to transport both children from the house to the car as Elizabeth hasn’t quite mastered how to go down concrete steps yet therefore I have to make trips, but considering all potential issues, I’ll gladly accept making 2 trips from my house to my car for my children.  I would carry them out together and let E wander around the flower bed and driveway but it’s cold and since she doesn’t wear her coat in the car seat I don’t put it on her until we arrive at our destination.

Seeing Elizabeth and Alodia interact together is one of the most heartwarming things in the entire universe.  Alodia will smile at Elizabeth, and Elizabeth will pet, talk to, and help burp Alodia.  I’m so excited to see these girls grow together and interact more as they develop.