Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms!  I hope your day involved minimal (or no) diaper changes, no chores, and sweet appreciation.

Yesterday was my second official Mother’s Day and it was so nice.

We began the day slowly, and went to our second annual Mother’s Day brunch at the O’club.  As usual, Elizabeth loved the muffins, fruit and milk she had.  Her and Alodia’s good behavior was noticed by and commented on by many which is always so so rewarding to hear, especially from strangers as their compliments have no obligation to them whatsoever.  Right?


While we were at the O’club I realized just how beautiful the garden (seen behind us, to the right) is at this time and I’m dying to go back to get some pictures of the girls and the garden alone.


We wandered around back and visited the New River allowing Elizabeth to blow off some steam from staying put in a high chair for an hour at breakfast.


Alodia, as per usual, was a champ at people watching, sucking her thumbs, and giving random smiles and furrowed brows to strangers and friends alike.


We spent the afternoon with a friend and her family whose husband is deployed.  Her son is one of Elizabeth’s bffs and they had a blast together playing in a pool and eating freezie pops.

We ended our evening with take out dinner and watching the sunset with our lovely neighbors across the street.  This is becoming my absolute favorite time of day because it is so breath taking.  I instagram many sunsets, k_forty is my user. 🙂


I received a new SD card with a significantly higher capacity for my phone, a new lens for my camera, a couple items of clothes, and the sweetest hand made card! ❤

These two precious girls were the best results of a collaboration.  Ever. 😛

What is your most favorite Mother’s Day tradition?

Mother’s Day Wish List (free and realistic)

I’m going to go ahead and generalize this post implying that everything I want is what all mothers want.  Be aware.

This will be my first mother’s day.  I was about 30 weeks pregnant at this time last year so I wasn’t “really” a mom yet, and we didn’t celebrate the day.  Elizabeth is 9 months old and is a firecracker.  This baby seriously never stops.  She is always physically going around the room making noise: babbling to herself or just screaming in whatever emotion she currently feels.  However, I’m sure any mother of any level of energetic child will appreciate any of the following (mainly from the husbands, *wink wink, nudge nudge*):

  • A ‘thank you’.  Not just for cleaning up after the family and taking care of the child(ren), but for doing everything that is required to keep a child alive all day everyday.
  • A day off.  Seriously what I would give to have my husband be in my shoes for a week.  Realistically, having a day at home with my entire family but not having to do any work is what would be the best.  I wouldn’t even want to have to ask or say “okay, now she needs this,” or nag about a chore that needs finishing.
  • Finally, something adorable from the child.  I don’t care if it’s a hand print and foot print on printer paper with the date, or if it’s a million dollar gold chunk in the shape of my child, this bullet point is a must-do for any “parent day”.

Have a great Mother’s Day, everybody! ❤