Almost two

Now that spring has arrived and it’s in the 70’s I’ve finally begun to accept that Elizabeth is turning two.  She’s almost two years old, guys!  Two!  She’s the most kind, understanding, docile, and eager toddler I’ve come across.  She’s genuinely a great little girl.  Her temper tantrums make other kid’s good days look bad.  Elizabeth is simply perfect.

Not only that, but Alodia is turning 6 months old this week.  The majority of people say she looks just like Will, but I’ve begun to receive “she looks just like you” comments recently.  Her fist half-year is almost complete.  She’s about to begin sleeping in her own room, eating solid food and she’s SO motivated about it.

I’m in complete denial about these precious little girls growing up, but in all reality toddlers are more fun than babies anyway.

I would have a photo of A from our first beach day of 2017 but she was napping in the carrier while Elizabeth and I walked up and down the beach collecting sea shells, rocks, fist fulls of sand, and shark teeth. So you’ll just have to accept photos of E instead. 🙂

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Silent night

Elizabeth and Alodia both have been going through a developmental leap recently.  Alodia thankfully handles these leaps very well, Elizabeth on the other hand gets immensely stressed out.  Since Elizabeth’s first developmental leap (more commonly known as week 4 sleep regression) was awful.  There isn’t a word I can think of to describe how terrible it was.  She wouldn’t sleep, she wouldn’t be comfortable being set down anywhere, she wasn’t comfortable nursing, she wouldn’t take a bottle.  Something that would work one night would be unsuccessful the next.

I spent one night in the garage with the door open and all lights off rocking her, bouncing her, walking around, sometimes walking on the sidewalk and driveway.  Luckily it was August in the desert so it was comfortable outside in the middle of the night and there were no bugs.

Another night I had to have her in our snugglebug wrap with her only in her diaper, and no shirt on me (yeah, I was desperate) for skin to skin time, but it doesn’t stop there; I had to walk in a circle with a diameter of about 5 feet between our dining room and our living room with the light on above the stove.  Walking in larger circles, in the kitchen, or in the living room weren’t sufficient.  Any other lights weren’t okay.

Other nights were spent on our back patio listening to the coyotes howling and yipping.  That 10 days was the most difficult 10 days of my entire life, nobody was around to help us out even for a few hours during the day, but we made it.

Alodia has never shown any signs of being phased by any leap she has gone through so far.  Sometimes she doesn’t want to fall asleep at night without nursing; that is honestly the worst thing about her leaps, it’s wonderful.

Elizabeth is between leaps right now, Alodia at the end of one of hers, and we’re all working on getting a good schedule.  During E’s most recent leap she didn’t want to go to bed for naps or at night.  Before the leap she would go to bed between 7 and 7:30, wake up around 7 or 7:30, take a nap from about 10 to 12, then another nap from about 3 to 5.  She slept a lot.  During the leap she would go to bed around 8 or 8:30, wake up around 6, and refuse to nap.  Since her leap has been over she’s been back to her 7-7 overnight and two, two hour naps a day schedule.

They are both napping right now.  Alodia slept in her bassinet for the first time last night, and slept through the night for the second time, and I’m feeling great because of it.  I’m sick, but feeling great in the mom sense of the word.

Motherhood is tough, but seeing Elizabeth hold Alodia’s hand last night just before she went upstairs to bed is what makes it all worth it.  I’ll refrain from going into her room to wake her up from this nap since I miss her sweetness.




I have become fascinated with Montessori searches on Pinterest.  I’ve always loved the simple clean looks for toy rooms/areas, and I’ve done my best to keep Elizabeth’s bedroom and toy area accessible and tidy, but the more I learn about Montessori the more intrigued I am by it, and I’m realizing I kind of have a knack for this type of thing!  Woo!

“Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.” – Fred Rogers

I’ve always considered myself a “lazy” parent.  I don’t want to deal with constantly scolding my daughter or preventing her from getting into things so the temptations aren’t there, simple as that.  The entire downstairs of our house is Elizabeth-friendly.  A simple day can go by without me having to chase her down because she wandered into another room, how cool is that?

She has and will learn boundaries as they come, but not in a way that is constantly teasing and taunting her.  I would be frustrated if Will was always doing something that I thought looked great but whenever I tried it he prevented me; so that thought process has inspired me to try to look at things through her eyes and create a little world for her to explore freely.

Two blogs in particular have been so much fun for me to explore lately, and have become such an inspiration for me.  I believe in Montessori and The Kavanaugh Report are highly recommended and unbelievably helpful in helping me learn, to help my daughter learn.

“Play is the work of the child.” – Maria Montessori

I don’t consider myself a Montessori parent because I’m not fully educated on the topic, maybe someday I will be, maybe I’ll stick with what we’ve been doing so far, but I hope to keep you updated on our learning adventures together regardless.


33 weeks pregnant with a 13 month old

Pregnancy is tough, and being pregnant with a brand new 1 year old is tough in its own ways.

While I was pregnant with Elizabeth I gained 43 lbs over all, and only lost 10 lbs upon leaving the hospital (7 lbs 11 oz baby).  At 33 weeks pregnant I had gained 30 lbs and was spending 2 and a half hours in the car everyday in order to receive my pet grooming certification.  Now, just 15 months later, I’m 33 weeks pregnant with baby #2 but have only gained 15 lbs, awesome!  I’m not sitting in a car for 2.5 hours, nor am I wrestling and grooming dogs all day.  However I am being challenged in another way.  I’m bending over double in order to reach my 20 lbs of temper tantrums/sleepy cuddles/bonked and bruised from learning to walk bundle of joy.  I don’t think I ever tried to bend over when I was this pregnant last year! haha

I’m carrying what I hope to be another great baby, but for all I know this one could be the most challenging thing ever.  This baby pushes out so hard on the front of my stomach that I have to sometimes push back in with my hand a little because the stinging sharp pains are so severe.  With my last pregnancy I never experienced painful baby-motions because I had an anterior placenta which “protected” me from those evil-baby movements.

I’m not nearly as prepared, or prepared at all, for this baby to arrive.  I don’t have a hospital bag packed, I don’t even have a nursery set up, nor do I even own a crib for this baby yet.  I’m aware that this baby will be sleeping in the same bassinet Elizabeth slept in, at least for a handful of months, I know that realistically all I need to bring to the hospital with me can be grabbed on the way out the door, be retrieved by a friend as needed, or simply be borrowed from the hospital, and I know that whether I’m prepared or not, all will go as it is meant to.

Mentally I’ve found it’s best not to prepare at all, to expect the worst and hope for the best.  How did your second pregnancy, labor, and delivery differ from your first?  How similar were your little ones when they were newborns and infants?  ❤

Change in Routine

This afternoon I put Elizabeth down for a nap sooner from a wake-up than we typically experience.  She has begun to nap 3 times a day and today was like that, but was strange in that she woke up from a nap just before 3pm and became grumpy and groggy around 4.  I’m all about putting her down to sleep whenever she needs it because dealing with a cranky tired baby isn’t fun for anybody and it’s unnecessary.  If she’s tired it’s because she needs sleep and nothing will resolve the tiredness except sleeping.

It isn’t uncommon for her to take a quick 30 minute nap around 6pm, but it is almost 11pm and she is still asleep from going down at 4:30.  I am so worried about what tonight will bring.  Is she going to wake up at 2am and be ready for the day to begin?  Will she sleep until 7ish like she usually does?  Is she finally sleeping off the remainder of her head cold? (Yes please)!  Or will this be the calm before the storm?

I am keeping my fingers crossed that tonight is smooth and that she just needed a bit extra sleep to boost herself for either her immune system, growth, or maybe the 4 teeth popping through her upper gums.

Elizabeth’s 9 Month update

April 14, 2016 | 9 months 

This bundle of joy is 9 months old today! This month was such a big month for her. Elizabeth had a double frenectomy and has 4 upper teeth coming through. She now only wakes up once (twice infrequently) during the night and takes 2 decent naps during the day. The only thing she dislikes more than diaper changes is getting dressed/wearing clothes. She tosses things aside when they are in her way, can communicate “more” and “no more,” and can say “mama” and “dada”.