Double Frenectomy, 3 weeks later

I want to say that our world has been turned upside down because the difference has been that drastic, but in reality it would be more accurate to say that our world has turned right side up.  We have been struggling since she was born.  Really, she was a miserable, tough baby.  I believed that she had been easy because I think that I just had no idea what to expect and set my expectations really low, but the more I spoke with other mothers who would say things like, “my little is such a bad sleeper, still not sleeping through the month at 4 months,”  or “my baby eats constantly, like more than every 3 hours, at 5 months,”  et cetera… I began thinking that while I was experiencing all of these things that made their babies “bad”  (and significantly more “bad” traits)  I considered my little girl a great baby.

I began to realize that everybody simply had higher expectations for their babies than I did.  They wanted to sleep through the night whereas I had accepted that it would never happen, and I was just happy she was getting 2 consecutive hours of sleep between each wake up (at 8 months old).  I had accepted that my little girl would be fed small meals constantly throughout the day because any more and she would throw it all up.  I had accepted the fact that she had to have a pacifier to prevent her from vomiting all of her food after every meal, and I was okay with those things.  We were struggling, but we were okay.

Since her double frenectomy she has truly become the great baby I have always said she was.  She is sleeping through the night almost consistently, which she had never done pre-revision.  She eats two times more during each feeding than she was eating before, and she doesn’t care for her pacifier as much as she did previously, among so many other things.  She cries much less throughout the days and I believe that is because she isn’t feeling a constant hunger like she was before because she is actually able to keep her food down.

The biggest struggle I have dealt with in the past 2 months is that I gave up breastfeeding her a month before her revision.  She had begun losing weight drastically and I was at my wits end with the asinine pediatricians ignoring every request for referral and complaint about E.  Had I known that in just one month that she would be fixed, I would have kept going, but that one month was enough to change her eating habits and prevent breastfeeding from being a possibility again.

If you believe that your little one has a lip or tongue tie and your providers are telling you no, or completely avoiding the topic, please see a preferred provider (I will include the current list on this blog post).  Many doctors, even fresh out of residency, are not educated on ties and all that they cause.  This list also includes support groups on facebook for each state or region.

Tongue Tie, Lip Tie

Frenectomy follow up

10 day follow up

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