Today I received the lens mentioned mentioned in this post.  It is an exciting lens for me and though I’m the most amateur of amateurs when it comes to photography I am aware (hopeful? haha!) that practice makes perfect, and eventually my photos will be straight up awesome.

This new lens is a 40mm macro lens so these photos were mainly me practicing with the lighting (as always) and aperture.  Any constructive criticism is welcome, you’d be doing me a favor! 🙂



I always have qualms about sharing things because I’m such a private person so I really hope you enjoy what I have to share now and in the future.

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Cordless vacuuming

Oscar is 106 lbs of fur.  This dog is made up of nothing except fur.  His thick, gray, wooly undercoat and thick sleek black and tan rough coat are never ending.  Never. Ending.  This dog’s shedding is the never ending story.  Seriously some of his rough coat hairs are easily six inches long, and crimped, some straight, I could go on for days.  I could easily brush this dog daily and get handfuls of fur each time.  I do keep him regularly brushed and groomed (certified groomer here) but shedding is a fact of life for those with a double coated dog, or plural dogs, like us.

In order to live in a clean home with a walking, bouncing, shaking, drooling furball I vacuum constantly.  I vacuum so frequently that we have two separate vacuums that are never put away.  Honestly, they stay plugged in with the cords all over the floor standing up in whichever room I finished vacuuming most recently.  The issue is that I’m truly not crazy about leaving the vacuums all over the place.  Sometimes I step on the cord just right and it feels like I’ve stepped on a big pebble, sometimes I trip over them, the majority of the time I just want it to be put away for the sake of having a clean home.

Here’s where the title of the post comes in:  I want a cordless vacuum.  I want to be done with the chore, walk to its docking station, set it down, and be done.  I don’t want to have to bend over to unplug it from the wall, let alone wind up the cord. Seriously, I’m 39 weeks pregnant, bending sucks and vacuuming this frequently it’s just, no.

As expected with me, I’ve done a bit of research trying to keep open minded as I’m super dyson-bias; both of my uprights are dyson, one is about 12 years old, the other is about 3.  Now, I should add that my dyson-bias is inherited… My mom is a crazy dyson lady.  She has purchased so many dysons either just to try for herself or to gift: canisters, uprights, cordless; fans: the “normal” ones and the ones with heating a cooling, anything they make she wants to try (please start paying her, dyson, seriously, it’s about time).  I enjoy using her cordless vacuum especially for the purpose of cleaning out a car, so the biggest obstacle for me is if I can find one that is capable of coming apart the way the dyson cordless is. compared five cordless vacuums:  Hoover Linx, Dyson DC59, Dirt Devil Accucharge, Shark Bagless Navigator Freestyle, and the Eureka Quick Up 2-in-1.  They summarized that the Hoover Linx was the best of the best and that the Dirt Devil Accucharge was the best bang for your buck.  *Insert whiny voice* But they don’t get small for cleaning cars and the Hoover isn’t much cheaper than the Dyson.

 My first official item on my “no spend October” wishlist is the cordless Dyson V8.  Yes, a V6 would be sufficient, but if I’m looking too practically replace my regular vacuum and wage war against Oscar’s hair then I might as well go for the bigger vacuum.  The realistic money-saver in me says to go for the V6 with the sales that are happening now, but with the 20 minute battery life compared to the V8’s 40 minute battery, I can’t rationalize it.  I just know I would use it too frequently to deal with it dying so often.

What is a brand you have a difficult time separating yourself from?

Baby Butler #2

The following photo is the one we used to announce our pregnancy with Elizabeth.  Our lives have always involved our dogs greatly so we just had to include at least one of them.  Truth be told we tried to include both but whenever Charlie would lay down next to Oscar he would lean away from her and it would get awkward (haha).  Here is 10 month old Oscar reading his baby owner’s manual.


When the time came to announce our second pregnancy (yay!) we decided to stick to the theme.  We got this book for Elizabeth which has soft covers and board pages, perfect for a little 10 month old!  She didn’t cooperate as well as Oscar did but we kept snapping away and combined two photos rather than using one because we wanted both the cover of the book and a little smiling baby to be included. 13254430_10209602093546141_4060854512374618087_n (1)

Baby Butler #2 due October 4!  ❤