This chapter was interesting to me as my husband and I have recently begun working with the book The Five Love Languages (more about that later).  Touch is something I have personally become more aware of since bringing that book home.

When Will and I began dating we would hold hands in the car every moment possible.  We would cuddle watching movies rather than sprawl out on opposite sides of the sofa.  Sometimes we don’t even share the same blanket!

This chapter was about rekindling the physical aspect of your relationship with your spouse.  Becky Thompson is very specific about it being “all encompassing” in the physical world: holding hands, hugging, cuddling, etc.

Of course when one touches a loved one they experience an increase of oxytocin which is the happy hormone.  This really, truly, simple task makes everybody happy and calm, which in turn makes the relationship happier, right?  So simple. 🙂


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With my husband being in the military we are constantly in a state of movement.  We will not have our own home until he gets out of the corps or until we are stationed somewhere we want to settle.  It has always been a dream of mine to have my own house and more importantly to make it my own.  I am obsessed with architecture and interior design.  I DIY as much as I can, reasonably, in homes that are only temporary.  I do these things knowing that I am somewhat wasting my time, effort, and money, but I cannot resist.

I have always dreamed about having my perfect floor plan where my kids can grow up from the beginning of their life until they are adults and leave their nests, but the life I chose is not compatible with that dream.  With this life, my children will grow up moving. Constantly.  They will have friends all over the country world, and will learn to say goodbye much sooner than the average child.  Elizabeth left her first home at only two months old, and now lives on the opposite side of the country from where she was born.

A peek into my dream:

My dream house would be in an hoa free neighborhood in a town or city without really restrictive ordinances (I want to be able to have a clothesline if I want it, dammit).  I would have a kitchen with a double wall oven and a gas range, not on the island, all in beautiful kitchenaid black stainless appliances.


My upper cabinets would be white, and the lowers would be grey.  If the counters were granite they would be Vermont granite.


Preferably the counters would be something besides granite because I’m a little counter-culture like that.

My back yard would be private and huge, partially wooded, but with a lawn large enough to play and run in, for both two and four legged friends.  A body of water would be nearby, either a babbling brook like I was raised with, or a pond for swimming, would be ideal.

The secondary bedrooms would be similar in size and style, and none would have its own bathroom.

The garage would be large enough to store all of our vehicles (most we’ve experienced aren’t long enough for my husband’s truck), with additional space for woodworking or projects.

We would have a music room where my husband could play his piano, and where our children could practice whatever instrument(s) the choose.

In the master, there would only be one walk-in closet, but it would be beautifully shelved.  On one wall would be a shadow box displaying my wedding gown to remind us of not only our love, but everything we have accomplished together, as paying for a huge portion of our wedding was a huge feat for us.

My master bath would have dual sinks, at a higher counter than usual, a water closet, and two person soaker tub.  The separate shower would have no glass surrounding it whatsoever, because really who wants to keep that clean.

This life is ever-changing and unpredictable, so during the trials and tribulations, I’m comforted that someday I will have a home that is mine rather than a house that is temporary.