Fitness – Pilates

I realized last month that my legs are the smallest that they have been in years and I really disliked that, but the realization was so imperative for me to get back into shape.  Since I am pretty darn frugal, I didn’t want to buy a membership to a gym, and the only gym I can use for free is on base which I have heard only has weights.  Needless to say, I don’t weight lift nor do I care to, so I found this website: and it is amazing.  Seriously, they have a great variety of workouts.  I did the Pilates ab workout by Rebecca-Louise and she was so good at giving directions it was just so wonderful. Continue reading “Fitness – Pilates”

I get to see my husband today!!!

This is a very common excitement in the life of a military spouse.  I get to talk to him today is another one, too. With that being said, I cannot wait to see him this evening.  Currently my husband is at TBS, The Basic School, which is where new officers in the Marine Corps go to learn to become basic riflemen, because every Marine is a rifleman first. Continue reading “I get to see my husband today!!!”

Marine Corps Museum

Marine Corps Museum


I have been to the museum a few times and every time I visit it becomes more moving. With that being said, every time I have visited I have had a more intense relationship with the Corps. Continue reading “Marine Corps Museum”

DIY ombre chevron knitted baby blanket

This blanket is one which I tried a couple months back. I found the directions for it online after searching for something similar . I have been knitting since I was in 5th grade when, for some unknown reason, knitting became really cool for the girls in our 5th/6th class. We learned from each other and we were all awful, but we were young! Using the basic technique I learned back then, I continued knitting randomly on and off. Well, embarrassingly, this is the first pattern I have ever done that included a change in stitch-types! (It really is embarrassing…) Continue reading “DIY ombre chevron knitted baby blanket”


So, as you may or may not already know, I just graduated from Norwich University up in Vermont, where I am originally from.  I am used to weather that ranges from 75 (tops) to about -30, sometimes it’s even colder.  It is never hotter than 75 degrees though.  And though I love the summer, the AC in my car is currently not working, yuck.  So while I think about the trip to the grocery store I am actually contemplating walking!  But really, I can’t, the refrigerated food would get gross by the time I arrived home, anyway.  So this is a photo of the temperature from home:  Continue reading “Weather”

Upcoming DIY projects

Now that my semester is completed, and I will have a significantly larger amount of free time, I have compiled a collection of DIY projects that I want to give a shot.  I’m not going to write about them, as I haven’t done them yet, but I’ve been wanting to make things for babies lately (not my time, yet, though) and have found a few tutorials that I am just dying to try!   Continue reading “Upcoming DIY projects”