Prepping for baby: meals, crafts, chores…

Yesterday, with football playing on the laptop situated on the kitchen counter, my husband and I prepped numerous frozen meals for after our second baby’s arrival.  I’m due tomorrow, so we’re cutting it close this time around with this “prep for baby” stuff.  However, yesterday really was a breakthrough.  We accomplished so much it was so rewarding.  I intend on making posts in the next couple weeks about the meals we prepped, as we eat them, so I can give you a real opinion of the food after it’s been cooked and eaten rather than just after it has been prepped and frozen.  Another huge benefit of prepping is that it will help us with our “no spend October” goal as well.  We spent about $80 at the grocery store Saturday which covered every single meal we made.  We made enough dinners for two adults to eat for well over two weeks, maybe even three!

We spend our breakthrough morning cleaning around the house, doing simple catch-up chores, and food prepped in the afternoon while simultaneously either watching football  (the husband) or reminding others to continue stirring (myself).  😉  In the evening after cleaning up the kitchen and eating our own lame dinners we relaxed for a bit watching a little of the Sunday Night Football game, and I worked on Baby #2’s quilt.  I was able to finish quilting it and squared it up so the only thing remaining is to put the trim around the edges and it will be finished! 😀

Yesterday was truly a great day for both baby preparedness and mental preparedness!  I’m hoping this little one makes her debut on Thursday, we’ll see! 🙂

No Spend August meals week 3

This week starts off with a couple leftover meals in the fridge to go through, and a few meals I’d love to make but have been putting off in order to use up perishable ingredients.  I’m excited for our upcoming meals!


B: Oatmeal (E) Cereal (me), pears;  L: Out to eat (courtesy of visiting Grands);  D: Delivery (courtesy visiting Grands)


B:  Oatmeal (E) Cereal (me); L: Leftover roasted chicken and potatoes, broccoli (me), leftover mac and cheese, chicken (E);  D: Swedish pancakes


B: Cereal, banana; L: Sloppy Joes; D: Leftover sloppy joes.


B: Waffles, yogurt; L: English Muffin Pizzas; D: Pizza delivery (courtesy of visiting friends)


B: Peanut butter toast; L: Leftover pizza; D: Chicken and cheese quesadillas


B: Yogurt; L: Peanut butter sandwiches; D: Spaghetti


B: Cereal, applesauce; L: PB&J; D: Roasted chicken breast, potato and green beans

I had been craving quesadillas for a few weeks, and the salsa we have on hand is definitely not my favorite, so although the quesadillas themselves were delicious I wasn’t feeling them with the salsa we have.  Elizabeth loved hers though she gobbled up an entire half of a quesadilla!

This week we were also spoiled in that a few meals were paid for by visitors, probably out of pity, you know, being 33 weeks pregnant with a 13 month old and all… 😉

English Muffin Pizza Things


These are formally called English Muffin Pizza Things.  Not English Muffin Pizzas.  Thing really should be included.  I can’t explain why, it just comes out naturally.

 These include simple ingredients I typically have on-hand:

Besides your oven, this is everything you need!  It’s that simple!  Win!
  • English muffins
  • traditional pasta sauce
  • shredded mozzarella cheese

To start, I like to separate each english muffin into 2 pieces using my hands because I like the rugged texture which helps it to crisp while baking.

Then, I spoon about 2 tbsp onto each “pizza.”


After that, sprinkle whatever amount of cheese you find necessary onto each pizza, and throw it in the oven, I set it to 415 degrees F.  Or you can set it in there gently, that’s the cleaner way to go about it.


After about 10 minutes baking at 415 I take out the pieces I expect to feed Elizabeth, as the crispiness is more difficult for her to eat.

I leave mine in for about 15 minutes total because I like them to have a good crisp.  Yum!


No Spend August meals week 2

In all honesty I did lose a little motivation over the weekend and began eating less healthy meals.  I believe that grocery shopping this morning was helpful to encourage me to get back onto the path of healthiness even when challenging myself in this way.


B: Cereal with strawberries, yogurt; L: Peanut butter cracker sandwiches, banana; D: Beef stroganoff, peas and green beans


B: Waffles and applesauce; L: PB&J; D: Leftover stroganoff, peas


B: Peanut butter toast, banana, clementine; L: PB&J; D: Hot dog, mixed veggies


B: Cereal, banana, yogurt; L: Mac and Cheese, broccoli and carrots; D: Grilled cheese and leftover tomato rice soup


B: Peanut butter toast (nutella toast for E), applesauce; L: Lunch date (I know…it was $6); D:  Bacon egg and cheese on an English muffin


B: Cereal (kix), applesauce; L: Apple, cereal (life); D: Roasted chicken breast, potato and broccoli


B: Waffles, pears; L: Leftover mac and cheese, watermelon; D: English Muffin Pizza things



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Baby Butler #2 gender reveal


These cupcakes held the secret to Baby Butler #2’s sex.

To make these cupcakes I baked a bunch of regular cupcakes and a 9″ round (shallow-ish) of the same batter as the cupcakes, but with the color dye to correspond to the baby’s sex.

After everything had cooled (and let’s be honest, after I cleaned up the kitchen so I had space to work again) I used a tiny little biscuit cutter, about 1/2″ in diameter to hollow out the center of the cupcakes making sure I didn’t go all the way to the bottom.  After hollowing out each of the cupcakes and eating the cake I was removing, I did the opposite with the 9″ round dyed cake.

I would push the biscuit cutter into the cake while twisting slightly to prevent any squishing, remove it, then insert it into a hollowed-cupcake.  When removing it from the cupcake I would push the dyed cake through, to allow it to stay inside the cupcake.

This process ensured that the center of the cupcakes weren’t overdone, like they could have been had I poured cupcake batter around cut out pieces of dyed cake and baked it that way.

After inserting all of the dyed cake into the cupcakes I piped on the frosting and called it a day, after eating one.

We had a get together with some friends and the cupcakes were a hit!


Baby Butler #2 is a GIRL!

No Spend August meals

In order to be as extreme as I can this month I’m preparing meals based on what we have in the house as best as I can.  Obviously the beginning of the month will be easier than the end, but groceries are an exception of No Spend August anyway, I’m just challenging myself as much as I can to not spend even with the allowed stuff. 😉  Here is what I’ve been eating so far this August.  Also keep in mind that I could survive off of the same food daily and never be bothered by it.


B: Cereal (frosted mini wheats), banana; L: Chicken thigh, rice, broccoli; D: Macaroni and cheese with ham


B: Cereal (honey nut cheerios), banana; L: Precooked frozen Tyson Chicken, left over rice, mixed veggies; D: Leftover macaroni and cheese with ham


B: Yogurt, banana;  L1: PB&J; L2: Leftover macaroni and cheese with ham, salad; D: Sloppy Joe and mixed veggies


B: Peanut butter toast, applesauce; L: Leftover rice, apple; D: Hot dogs with mixed veggies


B: Waffles, applesauce; L: Leftover macaroni and cheese with ham, mandarin oranges; D: Baked chicken thigh with mixed veggies


B:  Blueberry muffins, applesauce; L: PB&J; D: (at a friend’s birthday party)


B:  Pear and banana; L: Cereal and bacon; D: Grilled cheese and tomato rice soup

I have plenty of food to keep going at this rate.  Are there any “in the pantry” meals that you recommend?  What is your favorite cheap meal?

Microwave brownie for one, pt 2

If you ever run out of mortar while constructing a building just make this concoction.

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