5k training

I have this big desire to be able to workout without inconveniencing my family.  I love cycling but that isn’t practical when I have to leave my dogs at home and find somebody to watch my girls.  If I’m outside working out why do my dogs need to be crated and bored?  That caused me to want to run; although I have always seriously disliked running.  I purchased a single jogger after Elizabeth was born and ran for a bit until I finally received a diagnosis of diastasis recti for my super fun ab issues.  At that point I stopped running and began physical therapy (while being pregnant with Alodia) and all was well.  That stroller became our beach junker and is still used when I only run with one of the girls.

I recently purchased a double jogger, my absolute favorite stroller: the Baby Jogger Summit x3 double.  Seriously I haven’t used any of my other 4 strollers since purchasing this one. #strollerhoarder

I am following the zen labs fitness app C25K which is a good coach and challenges me just enough to keep my motivation up.  This stroller practically pulls me along, unless the coastal winds are blowing against me which is always a great time.

My husband and I have signed up for a stroller-friendly 5k hosted by and benefiting the Semper Fi Fund.  We will be running it with his unit’s team and I plan to run it from start to finish.  Most likely he’ll be pushing the stroller so our times can be better, but I haven’t made a final decision about that yet.

Back to my favorite stroller ever – since finding this gem we have already committed to giving our Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double to a friend who is having a second child.  I’m not sure I can rid myself of our other strollers: our city select with second seat, single jogger, and umbrella stroller.  Feel free to give me words of encouragement that I can minimize my strollers down, and wish me luck while training for my 5k next month! 😀

Diastasis recti and fitness

The biggest struggle I currently have is that I so badly want to work out, and work out hard but I can’t.  My body isn’t able to workout to my mind’s expectations at the moment and hasn’t been for well over a year now.  Since being pregnant with Elizabeth and gaining 43 lbs (40% of my pre-pregnancy body weight, ouch) my ab muscles separated and didn’t get back together.  I unsuccessfully fought my doctors to get a referral to physical therapy because I knew my body wasn’t where it was supposed to be.

When I became pregnant again, at 6 months postpartum, I knew I had to do something to prevent it from becoming even worse of an issue, so I pressed harder with trying to get a referral, but kept running into a brick wall.  Luckily I visited my primary doctor who I had never met before (yay military) solely for the attempt to get a physical therapy referral.  My doctor was such a champ.  She examined me, constantly letting me know that she wasn’t 100% sure how severe or abnormal my diastasis recit was, what a physical therapist would do, or if they could do anything during a pregnancy, but because she wasn’t sure she gave me the referral.  That is how it should be handled.

Unfortunately the doctors and midwives before her told me, “there’s nothing a physical therapist can do for you while you’re pregnant.  They’ll work with you because they want the money, but they can’t actually help you until you’re postpartum again.”  And one midwife even had the balls to say, “this is why you don’t have kids so close in age.”  Yet, I was only 12 weeks pregnant and hadn’t gained any weight yet, so it was definitely a postpartum issue, not a pregnancy issue.  Witch.

Anyway, until I learned better in physical therapy I jogged, I did beachbody’s cize workouts, I did random other fitness workouts, but I avoided planks, crunches, and other movements that would cause stress on the abdominal area.  I didn’t realize that I was causing harm with those workouts and doing everyday things such as sitting up from slouching on my sofa, or getting Elizabeth from her crib.  Going to physical therapy was the best thing I could have done.  I had an amazing physical therapist named Kira who taught me a bunch of workouts to do in order to help strengthen my abdominal wall during pregnancy.  Not only were these moves going to help prevent the issue from getting worse, but postpartum they will actually help my muscles heal back to how they should be.  I learned how to move confidently without causing harm to myself.

It has taken a long while for me to begin this new workout regimen, but I am so excited to finally get going.  After I have this baby and heal I plan to get my core back into tip top shape so I can get into the best physical shape of my life.  I’m sick of being weak.  I don’t want my “small size” to hold me back any longer, and I may be in what might possibly be the worst physical shape I’ve ever been in, but that only gives me more drive to get into the best shape I’ll ever be in.

Kick butt fitness friends, and really, please start pitying me, being 32 weeks pregnant with a 12 month old and a husband gone for a month absolutely sucks.

Fitness update – Diastasis Recti

Talk about a bummer.  My abs are currently sitting about 2-3 finger widths apart and I learned that I should not do any impact workouts including jogging and cize, in case you noticed that I had stopped doing both.  How typical.  This time I had a legitimate reason.

Diastasis Rectus Abdominis can be caused by many things, mine was caused by my pregnancy with Elizabeth.  I was able to receive a referral for physical therapy from my primary care manager and have been going for a few weeks now.  The workouts are very simple, but require quite a bit of thought to keep up.  It is so tough for me to know that although I’m doing these things I cannot expect any improvement because of my current pregnancy, but it is comforting knowing that being aware of my typical movements and doing many things differently will help prevent it from worsening.

It will get better, and I’m learning the correct way to get it there, I just need to be patient and continue working on it through this pregnancy (only 3 months left) and afterwards until it is resolved.  The main thing that I have learned is that in order to correct the diastasis you need to stop focusing on the ab muscles because working them can cause them to separate even more.  The correction is not in the muscles but in the linea alba.  In order to correct it, you need to learn how to work the transverse abdominis, which is interesting to say the least!  Essentially after learning how to engage that muscle you then include it with other motions and that is your workout. 🙂

Since I had to stop any impact-involving workout regimens I decided to purchase PiYo, on ebay of course, and am excited for it to arrive.  I will need to adjust or skip some of the positions they require in order to prevent unnecessary stress on my core, but I am so excited to get it and get back to working out.  It is such a bummer to have the drive to become fit and healthy but not the body conducive to getting fit and healthy.  It’ll get there, I just need to be patient.


Today’s Daily Post discusses Generation and I’m going to tackle it like this: I am on an absolute drive to generate my body to be healthier than it has ever been before.

Yesterday I began a new workout program and ended up doing the 30 minute video both in the morning and again in the afternoon (unheard of, I hate fitness)!  This morning I woke up feeling muscle soreness in my core, neck, arms and legs, literally that is my entire body.  I did the video this morning, feeling a bit tender but toughed it out anyway and I’m glad I did.  There is no way that I am going to get into my best shape unless I stick to something.  This is hopefully that something.  Shaun T reminds me so much of Will Smith, which is an added bonus.

Before beginning the videos, the program actually advises you to take your weight, photos, and measurements of certain parts of your body which I forgot to do last night with my husband home, so we will be doing that tonight and I will make a post entirely of our “before” stats, sans the weight because I dislike that as a number for people to gauge healthiness by.  When we finish our program I will post our before stats and photos with our after stats and photos for the comparison.  Look for that in 6 weeks.  Yay!


Clearly I have a tough time sticking with any fitness regime in particular.  I have always loathed running/jogging so I wasn’t surprised that I really didn’t stick that one out.  The free video search worked out for awhile, but there was no drive factor to keep me wanting more.

Last week I randomly decided to to watch an infomercial on youtube for Beachbody’s Cize workout videos. The infomercial was so motivating!  It introduced the viewer to the typical person who successfully lost some absurd amount of weight who you see in workout ads, and those who ended up chiseled and jacked.  What really had me going was when the video introduced a girl who was absolutely afraid of dancing.  She was relatable to me; I’m not afraid to dance, but I’m not necessarily that crazy about it either.  I always figured people did these types of workouts when they already enjoyed or had experience dancing.

As you probably already know from other parts of my blog, I am far too cheap to spend $100 on a workout video so I searched local buy/sell/trade pages and then resorted to ebay where I found and purchased the “cize” package for $33.  Absolute steal, and it was brand new still in the plastic wrap!

I received it in the mail yesterday afternoon and was super excited to begin the program this morning.  I did it while my husband was at work (I apologize) because although we agreed to do it together I just could not wait.  It was great!  I was sweating, feeling my muscles, and definitely challenged throughout the video.

My husband did it during his lunch break and he was much better at the moves than I was.  However, I was itching to do it again so I actually ended up doing it again a few hours after he went back to work.  Two times in one day, and I did so much better the second time than I did the first!  I have never been so into a workout program!  Seriously I cannot wait for tomorrow to do it again.

Here’s to hoping I stick with this program and end up getting back into shape!

Mom Workout with the Husband

That is never happening again.  We tried to do a workout video together.  Never.  Again.  My husband is always doing goofy things when we workout together but frequently forgets how much more in-shape he is than I am.  When jogging I will be wheezing and suffering and he’ll be spinning in circles with every step, I kid you not.

This video was no exception.  I LOVE this workout, I’m always feeling it days after.  The workout is the perfect amount of stretch, warm up, kick-your-butt, then cool down yoga.  It even includes modified versions for lower impact or less demanding moves.  My husband did not appreciate the mom workout.  He kept saying, “I don’t workout like this.”

We’ve learned that together we can workout his way, and we can jog (which we both despise), but we cannot workout my way.  Too bad, at least we tried and at least we got that workout in.  I am so excited to try move of these ladies workouts!  After completing their 30-minute cardio video which is linked again here for you, I am feeling sore in my shoulders (deltoid muscles to be precise) and in my calves.

Head over to that link posted above (or here) for the workout that I’ll go back to after I try a couple more from these ladies over at CafeMom Studios.

This is the next workout of theirs I plan to tackle.  Wish me luck!

C25K week 1 day 2

This workout was much smoother for me than week 1 day 1.  I ran it in 70 degree sunny weather whereas day 1 was about 40 degrees.  I didn’t deal with my hip flexor hurting, but did have some left quad pain.  (Old high school lacrosse injury.)  The workout was the exact same for day 1 and 2, and will be tomorrow for day 3 as well.  I am excited for week 2 to begin on Tuesday which is a strange feeling for me because I have never been excited about a workout regimen before.

I ran with Elizabeth in the stroller and my husband beside me, cracking jokes and running weirdly whenever he got bored.


I did a few yoga stretches after the workout mainly to target my hips and legs and have no soreness the following day.  Yay!  Wish me luck with my last day of week 1 tomorrow!