Christmas for a 17 month old


Our house is decorated with three Christmas trees, garland, and random little decor “spurts” here and there throughout.  It’s a goal of mine to have my entire home decorated for Christmas some day.  Growing up I begged and begged to decorate for Christmas and would finally succeed on Christmas eve when we would put up a tree which would come down the day after Christmas.  I’ve begun decorating and celebrating Christmas since around Thanksgiving for a few years now and I’m hoping my children grow up to love the holidays as much as I do.


This year we have our traditional Christmas tree decorated a bit less than we have in years past because we will be moving in January and our fancy, meaningful ornaments are so much more work to wrap and pack away, so they’re keeping cozy in their boxes this year.  This main tree is 7.5′ tall and is decorated in red and gold which is mainly to represent our Marine Corps life, but also to commemorate our Alma Mater, Norwich.

This year we also set up two secondary trees!  How fun, seriously these were more enjoyable for me than our normal tree!  In our dining room we have a white tree decorated with black, blue, and chrome balls, some light sabers, and starwars ornaments.  At the top of our stairs in our hallway right in front of a window that can be (somewhat) seen by the main road we set up our Elizabeth tree.  This tree is 3′ tall with pink ornaments.  They are adorable, there are sweets ornaments like cupcakes and candy, regular ball ornaments in gloss, matte, and glitter, and a few other pink-girly themed sets.  This year we will find a tree and ornaments for an Alodia tree.

Will has never quite had the same enthusiasm for the holidays as I have, though he is beginning to since we have children (That, or we finally have a good stash of decorations?)  He decorated our stoop with a nice garland and some c6 lights, set up two potted trees and restrung them, since they were dead when we accumulated them, and then lined our walkway and driveway with alternating 3′ tall candy canes and Christmas trees, all lit.


Elizabeth accidentally broke 2 of the ornaments from our Star Wars tree before she realized they cannot be dropped on the floor.  Since then she has been gentle and listened well about being kind and not destructive.  I’m so happy we don’t have baby gates wrapped around all of our trees!  The presents are another story…  They’ll be out of sight/reach until she’s allowed to tear through them all.


I hope Christmas always brings everybody cheer and that it is a time of warmhearted gatherings and relaxed/stress-free comfort. ❤



Author: Katrina

My name is Katrina and I’m married to the love of my life, William, who is a first lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps. Together we have the most precious little girls, Elizabeth Lorraine and Alodia Claire. I'm so glad you're here!

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