Breastfeeding mamas

Seriously ladies, are you ever sick of dealing with people’s shit and know that your patience is shot all because you’re nursing?  I swear that hormones are so much worse when nursing than when pregnant.  During both pregnancies I would deal with the hormone changes and cravings, and being just plain moody; but it’s SO much worse when breastfeeding.  Any of you agree?


Cravings are absolutely insane, my patience is so shot that I actually have to actively remind myself to have some during most situations, and I’m so irritable that you might as well just steer clear unless you want your head chewed off.  Pregnancy wasn’t quite so bad.

At the moment Elizabeth and I are both fighting colds.  Dealing with my own cold is a minor inconvenience.  I simply feel under the weather and move on with life.  Poor Elizabeth is simply broken, it is so sad.  Last night she had a 102 degree temperature when she woke up a couple hours after being put down for the night.  We gave her a little medicine and cuddled her until she began acting like she felt a little better, then I put her down again.  Around 2 she woke up, for the 3rd time, and Will decided to sleep in her room with her.  Thank God she is feeling a bit better today, it’s simply heartbreaking to see a tiny little human feeling awful.

A big sigh of relief for me through this entire everybody-get-sick phase is that through nursing, Alodia is gaining some great immune system boosts.  I am fascinated by how when my body is fighting a sickness it, by breastfeeding, fights sickness in her body as well.  It’s like the breast milk is a shield protecting her!  So cool, right?!

I have experienced a full circle this week all because of breastfeeding.  It’s causing me to be moody but also giving me a big silver lining while almost my entire family is sick because my little 2 month old is healthy and being kept healthy with breast milk. ❤


Author: Katrina

My name is Katrina and I’m married to the love of my life, William, who is a first lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps. Together we have the most precious little girls, Elizabeth Lorraine and Alodia Claire. I'm so glad you're here!

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