Alodia Claire Butler

October 9, 2016 | Day 1

Around 7:00 in the morning I began timing contractions on my phone.  I woke up to the subtle discomforts, progressively they increased from discomfort to pain, and then from pain to crippling.  Right when we arrived at the triage desk my water broke.  It was that moment I realized I was much closer to having this baby than I thought because my water didn’t break until 8.5cm with Elizabeth.  They put me in the triage room and checked to see/realize that I was 9.5cm!  It was at 10:15 that we were admitted into labor & delivery, and they moved me from the triage room into a delivery room.  A friend showed up just in time to scoop Elizabeth from Will’s arms and hung out in the waiting room knowing that the birth wouldn’t take long.

Alodia made her entrance just a few minutes later at 10:23.  She was 8 lbs 1.2 oz and 20.5″ long.

I never would have imagined cutting it so close, I can’t imagine almost delivering outside the hospital!  The only disappointing aspect about this delivery is that we hired a photographer who wasn’t able to make it back into town after evacuating because of Hurricane Matthew.  Elizabeth was able to visit the room and meet her baby sister just 30 minutes after delivery which was very nice for all of us, and afterward went with my friend to spend the remainder of the day and following day with that amazing family.

I plan to share more about this labor and delivery later and compare it to my experience with Elizabeth’s as they were different in practically every way, yet so similar as well.

Prepping for baby: meals, crafts, chores…

Yesterday, with football playing on the laptop situated on the kitchen counter, my husband and I prepped numerous frozen meals for after our second baby’s arrival.  I’m due tomorrow, so we’re cutting it close this time around with this “prep for baby” stuff.  However, yesterday really was a breakthrough.  We accomplished so much it was so rewarding.  I intend on making posts in the next couple weeks about the meals we prepped, as we eat them, so I can give you a real opinion of the food after it’s been cooked and eaten rather than just after it has been prepped and frozen.  Another huge benefit of prepping is that it will help us with our “no spend October” goal as well.  We spent about $80 at the grocery store Saturday which covered every single meal we made.  We made enough dinners for two adults to eat for well over two weeks, maybe even three!

We spend our breakthrough morning cleaning around the house, doing simple catch-up chores, and food prepped in the afternoon while simultaneously either watching football  (the husband) or reminding others to continue stirring (myself).  😉  In the evening after cleaning up the kitchen and eating our own lame dinners we relaxed for a bit watching a little of the Sunday Night Football game, and I worked on Baby #2’s quilt.  I was able to finish quilting it and squared it up so the only thing remaining is to put the trim around the edges and it will be finished! 😀

Yesterday was truly a great day for both baby preparedness and mental preparedness!  I’m hoping this little one makes her debut on Thursday, we’ll see! 🙂