5 baby resources I will use with baby #2

Tomorrow I will be 39 weeks pregnant with #2 and since I have spent the last couple weeks (finally) preparing for this baby I thought I would jot down a list of resources or things that I will definitely utilize again.  I tried so many things after Elizabeth was born but these are things that have stuck, or that I have adopted later and stuck with.

The Wonder Weeks

I received this book from a neighbor shortly before Elizabeth was born and it has been such a life saver!  It’s so great to know when to expect to have bad days or weeks.  This book doesn’t just stop there, it also explains why your little one is having  a rough time, what they’re learning, how they are developing, and games or interactions you can work on with them to help them develop to their best potential.  The Wonder Weeks also has an app (the only app I’ve ever purchased) which I also highly recommend to help you have all of the info on hand.  I have enjoyed learning about Elizabeth’s developmental leaps and look forward to going through it again and helping this next little one develop as well!

Baby week by week

Babble has an awesome resource that I have bookmarked to my home screen on my cellphone.  Each week it covers a mental development that your baby will go through around that time, research explanations to back the mental development, and a “brain booster” for you to help your little make the most of their new development!  I LOVE this free resource and it was so fun to play these developmental games with Elizabeth and be able to actually witness her growth as she reached each new stage.


We used gDiapers until Elizabeth was eating food and didn’t have water-soluble poop anymore.  I’d love to get her back into her g’s now that she has “plop-able” poops, however we will be using them on #2 from the start again.  I believe they saved us so much money than if we had used disposables from the start.  We do not use disposable inserts in our g’s, instead we use prefolds folded into thirds as our inserts.

Ergobaby carrier

I noticed while I was pregnant with Elizabeth that you never really saw young babies crying in grocery stores who were being carried, but would frequently see crying babies in infant car seats crying.  Because of that we decided to baby carry.  We have an ergo in each vehicle and carried Elizabeth until she was mobile and enjoyed being in the cart seat.  A couple huge benefit to baby carrying is also that you still have both of your hands to do things with, and you are giving your body a little bit of a work out wearing your growing baby around.

Rockabye Baby CDs

Last Christmas my brother and sister-in-law gifted us our first Rockabye Baby CD and we have been hooked ever since.  Whenever Elizabeth becomes fussy in the car we put the CD on and she calms right down.  It’s fun to listen to the music because the songs are genuinely good songs, they’re just played by different instruments and don’t have vocals.  Best. Baby gift. Ever.

What is something you ended up using for second, third, etc. children?


Author: Katrina

My name is Katrina and I’m married to the love of my life, William, who is a first lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps. Together we have the most precious little girls, Elizabeth Lorraine and Alodia Claire. I'm so glad you're here!

1 thought on “5 baby resources I will use with baby #2”

  1. We loved baby carrying too! My LO has just grown out of his connecta and Ama Wrap. How long did your Ergo last?

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