No Spend August meals week 4

This is the last full week in August, yay!  September we will begin preparing freezer meals in preparation for the next little baby’s arrival so our grocery trips will be a little bit more expensive than usual, but will save time, money, and sanity in the long run.


B: Oatmeal (E), Cereal (me); L: Leftover spaghetti; D: Tyson chicken breast, rice, corn


B: Peanut butter toast, applesauce; L: Egg salad sandwiches; D:  Leftover butter and parm noodles, mixed veggies


B:  Cereal, applesauce; L: Rice, fruit,  D:  Beef stroganoff, peas and carrots


B:  Cereal, banana;  L: Leftover beef stroganoff;  D: Spaghetti, mixed veggies


B: Waffles, applesauce;  L: PB&J;  D:


B: Cereal, yogurt, banana; L: Out with friends visiting town; D: Pizza


B: Cereal, banana; L: Leftover spaghetti; D: Blueberry muffins, eggs

Will comes home tomorrow so our month is about to become much more exciting, and much different in terms of meals and this will be the last meal post for August because of that…  Can’t throw myself under the bus just yet! 😉


Author: Katrina

My name is Katrina and I’m married to the love of my life, William, who is a first lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps. Together we have the most precious little girls, Elizabeth Lorraine and Alodia Claire. I'm so glad you're here!

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