Elizabeth’s 11 month update

June 14, 2016 | 11 months

A few days ago Elizabeth turned 11 months old. This month she grew 5 new teeth, with a 6th new tooth about to break through any moment, totaling 8 teeth. She eats pretty much everything, but saltines are her favorite (she even preferred them over Krispy Kreme). She experienced her first horse drawn carriage and ferry rides, and was ecstatic about both. It is so bittersweet knowing how close we are to her first birthday. She has the most fun loving, laid back personality and we just love her so much.


Baby Butler #2

The following photo is the one we used to announce our pregnancy with Elizabeth.  Our lives have always involved our dogs greatly so we just had to include at least one of them.  Truth be told we tried to include both but whenever Charlie would lay down next to Oscar he would lean away from her and it would get awkward (haha).  Here is 10 month old Oscar reading his baby owner’s manual.


When the time came to announce our second pregnancy (yay!) we decided to stick to the theme.  We got this book for Elizabeth which has soft covers and board pages, perfect for a little 10 month old!  She didn’t cooperate as well as Oscar did but we kept snapping away and combined two photos rather than using one because we wanted both the cover of the book and a little smiling baby to be included. 13254430_10209602093546141_4060854512374618087_n (1)

Baby Butler #2 due October 4!  ❤

Back Yard Project is complete!


We worked for roughly 5 weeks from start to finish on this FREE deck.  I am very proud of us for not only building this, but for coming up with the concept and design all on our own.

I will make a walk-through post later targeting just what it took, but I couldn’t hold it in any longer without sharing with you all.  I hope you love it as much as we do.  Yay for money saving projects that bring us together! ❤