Splurges, Steals, Yardsale deals

I hate spending money.  I actually feel guilty when I spend money on things that I think might not need to have been spent, it is seriously an issue!  For example, I never purchase clothing for myself because I think the money could be better spent but because of that I have a seriously sad wardrobe.  With that being said, if I find a good deal on something we’ve patiently been waiting for you bet I’ll get it.  This is more of a brag post than anything else but here are a few things we have accumulated recently for a great savings.

Our dining chairs.  I had a very specific style of chair in my mind:  Parson’s style, but with an arched top, nail heads, and beige, but I didn’t want pleather, or vinyl.  With that, I searched for months patiently waiting for the good deal I knew I would come across.  Someday.  Well that someday came when I found our amazing chairs on Wayfair (which no longer sells them).


When I purchased them they were selling in pairs for $131.98.  That is only $65.99 a chair!  Absolute steal.  We already had a dining table which can seat 10 comfortably, or 12 cozily, so we purchased three sets just under $400, and received two sets for our Christmas gift from family.  They can be purchased on Amazon for $302.92 for a pair, or at National Furniture Supply for $209.18 a pair.

Baby Prison.  Or better known as a baby play yard.  When Elizabeth is outside with out she has to be in an enclosed area without access to the grass, since she eats absolutely everything; grass, dirt, pine cones, pine needles, leaves, etc..


We actually found this exact play yard at a yardsale a couple weekends ago for $15.  Steal!  It sells at Walmart for just over $60.

Baby gates.  We have desperately needed.  We purchased two of these staircase approved baby gates at another yardsale we stopped by.


We got two of these for $10.  Two baby gates for $10.  They are $64.93 at Diapers.com and $69.99 at overstock.com.  Ah-mazing, right?!

Trundle daybed with storage.  Lastly, this one I have been so so patient about, but I have been absolutely searching local buy/sell/trade pages, craigslist, and bookoo for an ikea daybed.  It had to be ikea because I wanted the trundle to be the same bed as the main bed, not an additional bed “underneath” the main bed, if that makes sense.  I also wanted the storage.

 I found the Ikea Brimnes Daybed at a yardsale and purchased it for $100.  They sell at ikea for $279.99.  I was dreaming about the hemnes bed, but for a savings of $200 (taxes), I was more than ecstatic to purchase the brimnes bed.  Yardsales forever!  Seriously!

I love finding great deals and hope continue being lucky, and to learn to coupon, someday…


Author: Katrina

My name is Katrina and I’m married to the love of my life, William, who is a first lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps. Together we have the most precious little girls, Elizabeth Lorraine and Alodia Claire. I'm so glad you're here!

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