With my husband being in the military we are constantly in a state of movement.  We will not have our own home until he gets out of the corps or until we are stationed somewhere we want to settle.  It has always been a dream of mine to have my own house and more importantly to make it my own.  I am obsessed with architecture and interior design.  I DIY as much as I can, reasonably, in homes that are only temporary.  I do these things knowing that I am somewhat wasting my time, effort, and money, but I cannot resist.

I have always dreamed about having my perfect floor plan where my kids can grow up from the beginning of their life until they are adults and leave their nests, but the life I chose is not compatible with that dream.  With this life, my children will grow up moving. Constantly.  They will have friends all over the country world, and will learn to say goodbye much sooner than the average child.  Elizabeth left her first home at only two months old, and now lives on the opposite side of the country from where she was born.

A peek into my dream:

My dream house would be in an hoa free neighborhood in a town or city without really restrictive ordinances (I want to be able to have a clothesline if I want it, dammit).  I would have a kitchen with a double wall oven and a gas range, not on the island, all in beautiful kitchenaid black stainless appliances.


My upper cabinets would be white, and the lowers would be grey.  If the counters were granite they would be Vermont granite.


Preferably the counters would be something besides granite because I’m a little counter-culture like that.

My back yard would be private and huge, partially wooded, but with a lawn large enough to play and run in, for both two and four legged friends.  A body of water would be nearby, either a babbling brook like I was raised with, or a pond for swimming, would be ideal.

The secondary bedrooms would be similar in size and style, and none would have its own bathroom.

The garage would be large enough to store all of our vehicles (most we’ve experienced aren’t long enough for my husband’s truck), with additional space for woodworking or projects.

We would have a music room where my husband could play his piano, and where our children could practice whatever instrument(s) the choose.

In the master, there would only be one walk-in closet, but it would be beautifully shelved.  On one wall would be a shadow box displaying my wedding gown to remind us of not only our love, but everything we have accomplished together, as paying for a huge portion of our wedding was a huge feat for us.

My master bath would have dual sinks, at a higher counter than usual, a water closet, and two person soaker tub.  The separate shower would have no glass surrounding it whatsoever, because really who wants to keep that clean.

This life is ever-changing and unpredictable, so during the trials and tribulations, I’m comforted that someday I will have a home that is mine rather than a house that is temporary.

Splurges, Steals, Yardsale deals

I hate spending money.  I actually feel guilty when I spend money on things that I think might not need to have been spent, it is seriously an issue!  For example, I never purchase clothing for myself because I think the money could be better spent but because of that I have a seriously sad wardrobe.  With that being said, if I find a good deal on something we’ve patiently been waiting for you bet I’ll get it.  This is more of a brag post than anything else but here are a few things we have accumulated recently for a great savings.

Our dining chairs.  I had a very specific style of chair in my mind:  Parson’s style, but with an arched top, nail heads, and beige, but I didn’t want pleather, or vinyl.  With that, I searched for months patiently waiting for the good deal I knew I would come across.  Someday.  Well that someday came when I found our amazing chairs on Wayfair (which no longer sells them).


When I purchased them they were selling in pairs for $131.98.  That is only $65.99 a chair!  Absolute steal.  We already had a dining table which can seat 10 comfortably, or 12 cozily, so we purchased three sets just under $400, and received two sets for our Christmas gift from family.  They can be purchased on Amazon for $302.92 for a pair, or at National Furniture Supply for $209.18 a pair.

Baby Prison.  Or better known as a baby play yard.  When Elizabeth is outside with out she has to be in an enclosed area without access to the grass, since she eats absolutely everything; grass, dirt, pine cones, pine needles, leaves, etc..


We actually found this exact play yard at a yardsale a couple weekends ago for $15.  Steal!  It sells at Walmart for just over $60.

Baby gates.  We have desperately needed.  We purchased two of these staircase approved baby gates at another yardsale we stopped by.


We got two of these for $10.  Two baby gates for $10.  They are $64.93 at Diapers.com and $69.99 at overstock.com.  Ah-mazing, right?!

Trundle daybed with storage.  Lastly, this one I have been so so patient about, but I have been absolutely searching local buy/sell/trade pages, craigslist, and bookoo for an ikea daybed.  It had to be ikea because I wanted the trundle to be the same bed as the main bed, not an additional bed “underneath” the main bed, if that makes sense.  I also wanted the storage.

 I found the Ikea Brimnes Daybed at a yardsale and purchased it for $100.  They sell at ikea for $279.99.  I was dreaming about the hemnes bed, but for a savings of $200 (taxes), I was more than ecstatic to purchase the brimnes bed.  Yardsales forever!  Seriously!

I love finding great deals and hope continue being lucky, and to learn to coupon, someday…

Elizabeth’s 10 month update

May 14, 2016 | 10 months


Elizabeth is 10 months old! She is 27″ tall, just under 19 lbs and still has blonde hair and blue eyes. She has learned to stand unsupported, wave hello, and clap. She has rediscovered her feet and uses them and her hands as chew toys to assist her 4 top teeth which are slowly coming in. She dislikes being restrained and lettuce, but loves the beach and playing in the dogs’ water dish. She walks when her hands are held but speed crawls everywhere on her own. Her favorite food is blueberry muffins and she enjoys talking to her toys and random dogs. She has grown so much and we just can’t believe it!


Today’s daily prompt is Vision, and I’m going to tackle it like this:  The way that people in society see others based on their social media posts.  This hits home to me lately because I have been completely fed up with situations I have been noticing during the recent years.  I try to keep my blog posts entirely light hearted and real, and this is real, but won’t be light hearted.

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Today’s Daily Post discusses Generation and I’m going to tackle it like this: I am on an absolute drive to generate my body to be healthier than it has ever been before.

Yesterday I began a new workout program and ended up doing the 30 minute video both in the morning and again in the afternoon (unheard of, I hate fitness)!  This morning I woke up feeling muscle soreness in my core, neck, arms and legs, literally that is my entire body.  I did the video this morning, feeling a bit tender but toughed it out anyway and I’m glad I did.  There is no way that I am going to get into my best shape unless I stick to something.  This is hopefully that something.  Shaun T reminds me so much of Will Smith, which is an added bonus.

Before beginning the videos, the program actually advises you to take your weight, photos, and measurements of certain parts of your body which I forgot to do last night with my husband home, so we will be doing that tonight and I will make a post entirely of our “before” stats, sans the weight because I dislike that as a number for people to gauge healthiness by.  When we finish our program I will post our before stats and photos with our after stats and photos for the comparison.  Look for that in 6 weeks.  Yay!


Clearly I have a tough time sticking with any fitness regime in particular.  I have always loathed running/jogging so I wasn’t surprised that I really didn’t stick that one out.  The free video search worked out for awhile, but there was no drive factor to keep me wanting more.

Last week I randomly decided to to watch an infomercial on youtube for Beachbody’s Cize workout videos. The infomercial was so motivating!  It introduced the viewer to the typical person who successfully lost some absurd amount of weight who you see in workout ads, and those who ended up chiseled and jacked.  What really had me going was when the video introduced a girl who was absolutely afraid of dancing.  She was relatable to me; I’m not afraid to dance, but I’m not necessarily that crazy about it either.  I always figured people did these types of workouts when they already enjoyed or had experience dancing.

As you probably already know from other parts of my blog, I am far too cheap to spend $100 on a workout video so I searched local buy/sell/trade pages and then resorted to ebay where I found and purchased the “cize” package for $33.  Absolute steal, and it was brand new still in the plastic wrap!

I received it in the mail yesterday afternoon and was super excited to begin the program this morning.  I did it while my husband was at work (I apologize) because although we agreed to do it together I just could not wait.  It was great!  I was sweating, feeling my muscles, and definitely challenged throughout the video.

My husband did it during his lunch break and he was much better at the moves than I was.  However, I was itching to do it again so I actually ended up doing it again a few hours after he went back to work.  Two times in one day, and I did so much better the second time than I did the first!  I have never been so into a workout program!  Seriously I cannot wait for tomorrow to do it again.

Here’s to hoping I stick with this program and end up getting back into shape!

Mother’s Day Wish List (free and realistic)

I’m going to go ahead and generalize this post implying that everything I want is what all mothers want.  Be aware.

This will be my first mother’s day.  I was about 30 weeks pregnant at this time last year so I wasn’t “really” a mom yet, and we didn’t celebrate the day.  Elizabeth is 9 months old and is a firecracker.  This baby seriously never stops.  She is always physically going around the room making noise: babbling to herself or just screaming in whatever emotion she currently feels.  However, I’m sure any mother of any level of energetic child will appreciate any of the following (mainly from the husbands, *wink wink, nudge nudge*):

  • A ‘thank you’.  Not just for cleaning up after the family and taking care of the child(ren), but for doing everything that is required to keep a child alive all day everyday.
  • A day off.  Seriously what I would give to have my husband be in my shoes for a week.  Realistically, having a day at home with my entire family but not having to do any work is what would be the best.  I wouldn’t even want to have to ask or say “okay, now she needs this,” or nag about a chore that needs finishing.
  • Finally, something adorable from the child.  I don’t care if it’s a hand print and foot print on printer paper with the date, or if it’s a million dollar gold chunk in the shape of my child, this bullet point is a must-do for any “parent day”.

Have a great Mother’s Day, everybody! ❤