Double Frenectomy

I felt ridiculous and helpless at the same time while watching my tiny little human be wrapped up tight, pinned down by three adults, and a fourth laser her two ties.  It was truly heartbreaking.  Obviously it was the best thing to do and was being done by the best people, and in the best way.  They were so patient with miss E and as gentle as they could be, which was very reassuring.  Every few seconds, although it felt like minutes, they would pause to allow her to calm down which prevented her from becoming too afraid/frustrated/difficult.  The instant they handed her to me after they were finished she stopped crying and cuddled into me for comfort.

I was so anxious about today.  For so many reasons, the largest being the procedure, and a close second being the 2+ hour drive there and back, particularly back.  I was so concerned that Elizabeth would be in so much discomfort that we would be forced to stop every 30 minutes for comfort, but she was so wonderful.  She was so sleepy from the stress of the entire debacle that she slept for a large portion of the way home, even after sleeping for over an hour after the procedure while we were still at the office!  She was such a champ!  When she was awake in the car she was content playing with a sensory book or rattle.  I cannot begin to explain my relief of the trip home.  I was so sure that she and I would cry the whole way home.

Although everything I’m sharing about today is positive, it was a really hard day.  Tomorrow I begin her stretches which is the 3rd of the 3 things I’ve been really stressed about.  Positive thoughts and prayers worked wonders for us today, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they work their powers tomorrow and the weeks following as well.

Tongue Tie, Lip Tie

 10 day follow up

3 week follow up

Author: Katrina

Hi There! I'm Katrina and I’m married to the love of my life, William. Together we have the two precious little girls Elizabeth and Alodia. I'm so glad you're here!

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