Tongue Tie, Lip Tie

Ever since I was a brand new mom, I knew something wasn’t right with my baby girl.  Things were popping up in our nursing relationship that I had never heard of, and I did extensive research during pregnancy.  She had symptoms of so many things that were all over the place that none of my other mom-friends experienced, and I was lost.

The following are symptoms of ties in a baby, I’ve made symptoms we suffered through bold:

  • Nursing blisters on baby’s lips
  • 43a25bcc-3084-4ae5-ba85-78011d3f5431
  • Excessive gas
  • Excessive hiccups
  • Colic
  • Reflux 
  • Noise while feeding,  a click, pop, or loud swallowing noise
  • Excessive drooling not associated with teething
  • Shallow, painful latch
  • “Lipstick” shape nipple immediately after the baby releases
  • Fussy feedings, not relaxed
  • Constant latching and unlatching during feedings
  • Leakage during feedings
  • Frequent feeding
  • Long nursing sessions
  • Excessive weight gain (because baby is trying so hard to eat, he/she eats more)
  • Low weight, or weight gaining issues
  • Short naps, never sleeping peacefully
  • Infrequent swallowing
  • Unable to hold latch on breast, bottle, or pacifier
  • Constant need to suck on breast, pacifier, finger, etc.
  • Recurring mastitis, or clogged ducts
  • Supply issues
  • Sore, damaged nipples that don’t seem to heal
  • Green stools
  • Scoop in the tongue 
  • downloadedfile
  • Gagging
  • Snoring while sleeping

With all of these symptoms I was sure that she had ties, but no doctors would even look at  her mouth when I brought it up.  We saw two separate pediatricians before she was 3 months old, and neither paid any attention to it because she didn’t have weight issues.  We moved from California to North Carolina and almost the same situation happened with the next two doctors we saw.  The first said used the weight-gain excuse and ignored it, and the second at least entertained the idea and looked into Elizabeth’s mouth, raising her lip, and checking her tongue.  He noticed a very tight frenulum at her upper lip, but said that because she’s able to stick her tongue out, it wouldn’t cause any issues.  At least this doctor tried, even though he wasn’t really sure what he was saying.

I struggled through with her issues, (she’s 8 and a half months old and still dealing with all of them) and trying to find the best place to get it taken care of/save the money for the procedure.  Luckily we were able to secure a spot at an event which would allow us a little money saving, and still have it done in the preferred way.  The preferred was is done with a laser and no anesthesia.  I met with a local IBCLC (International board certified lactation consultant) who confirmed Elizabeth’s ties very quickly.

She had me hold Elizabeth on my legs with the top of Elizabeth’s head toward her (Tori) stomach.  Elizbeths feet were against my torso.  From that angle she was able to test the upper lip’s ability to move, to which she stated that it was very restricted.  She maneuvered Elizabeth a couple times to get the best angle.  She felt under Elizabeth’s tongue, the sides of her mouth, and the roof, to which Elizabeth responded with a big gag.

Tori was absolutely amazing (of Tiny Tummies Lactation Services in Jacksonville, NC).  She was so personable, knowledgeable, caring, understanding, and relatable.  Literally every positive adjective for a person/service can be said about her.  I hope to never need to use her services again, but will gladly do so if the need arises.

Tomorrow we will drive over two hours to a dentist and meet with a team of lip/tongue tie educated folk and I am so anxious about it.  I cried on the way home from visiting Tori when I realized that Elizabeth will, in fact, have her ties lasered tomorrow.  What makes it even worse is that my husband is out of town so I will be making this journey on my own (and Elizabeth, of course).

I’m hoping that the two hour drive home isn’t too terrible and that we can have the meltdowns and more painful experiences in the comfort of our house rather than in a parking lot of some random building or on the side of the road.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers for a positive (as much as possible) experience and recovery, especially the trip home. ❤

Frenectomy follow up

10 day follow up

3 week follow up

Author: Katrina

Hi There! I'm Katrina and I’m married to the love of my life, William. Together we have the two precious little girls Elizabeth and Alodia. I'm so glad you're here!

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