Our Wedding

Only recently have I realized that I never really covered our wedding story!

I’ll start with saying: It was cold.  Truly, it was so cold many of our guests experienced the coldest temps they ever had before, and ever will again.  We married on January 3, 2014 after being engaged for a little over 7 months. It was not very difficult to plan a wedding in 7 months mainly because our wedding was off-season.

It was about -30 degrees including windchill on our wedding day, in the lake-front city of Burlington, Vermont.  The absolute biggest disappointment from our wedding was our photographers who completely dropped the ball and missed many photos, but I’ll include the ones they did take here.


I was unbelievably fortunate in that my bridal party, friends and I were willing, and skilled to do much of the wedding on our own.  My maid of honor and best friend is skilled in the floral-area and put together the bouquets and centerpieces, with the help of the remaining bridal party.  She did an absolutely beautiful job on the bouquets especially.  The center pieces can be seen in the background of a later photo, but they were rather simple, though, in my opinion, successful.


My patent leather shoes were my “something blue” and they also matched my husbands blue trousers, which are what are considered appropriate for wearing Dress Blues in the winter.


My pearl necklace and earrings were my “something borrowed” and “something old” as they were lent to me for the wedding by my mom, and she has had them for quite some time.  My something new was the corset I wore under my dress.


My dress was ivory, because white made me look like a ghost, and it was by Vera Wang.  The way the train “waved” at the end was the deciding factor for me, I thought it was so pretty.  I also wore a waist-length veil and did not cover my face with it because, come on, no spirit is going to steal my soul as I walk down the aisle, and that’s just a little too extreme for me.


We married January 3rd so I had no classes to deal with, or assignments lingering over my head, and I was to start my final undergrad semester just weeks after our wedding.  Had we waited, and had a late-May wedding (which we wanted), it would have cut into Will’s training school which is just poor planning.  He reported to TBS before I graduated college, so we made a very wise decision to wed the January before all of that hectic fun.

KWB280 5x7-WEB

We were so fortunate to have been married by the pastor who I grew up with, and she was amazing.

KWB297 11x14-WEB

We also had a Marine Corps sword ceremony.  We knew that we were going to either have all USMC, or ceremony at all.  I don’t like the way the mixed ones look, I guess I’m just picky.  We were also very lucky that everybody was so willing to help out.  (Thanks guys!)  We had two 2nd Lt’s, 2 gunnies, and 2 staff sergeants.  I don’t know how it worked out that way, but the symmetry was awesome for my nit-pickiness.


It was so cold my flowers wilted taking our outdoor photos.


I seriously dislike the taste/texture of fondant so we decided on a buttercream frosting, and my husband instantly liked the swirly finish this cake had.  I also worked for the catering at a country club when I was in high school and experienced so many super specific cake flavors that most of the guests disliked, and a rare few loved, so I decided on a simple white cake with vanilla frosting.  Simple is the best way to ensure that the vast majority is happy.  I actually served a wedding where one of the bride’s cousins had very specific dietary needs, which the bride insisted the cake be fit for.  It was gross, you couldn’t cut into it without it falling apart, none of the guests liked it, just bad.  She could have easily had a cupcake made for her cousin and a normal cake for everybody else.  And there is my simple wedding cake lesson.


My mom’s talent and super generosity  was shown in the wedding favors we had.  She made small homemade jams and jellies for each guest.  We had black raspberry, strawberry, strawberry-raspberry, and plum.  My mom’s jam is my favorite (more specifically the strawberry-raspberry).  Check out my husband’s awesome cursive on that label, though!  Also, those ribbons were left over from our invites, thrifty!


My husband likes to dance, so, he had fun with the garter.


Author: Katrina

My name is Katrina and I’m married to the love of my life, William, who is a first lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps. Together we have the most precious little girls, Elizabeth Lorraine and Alodia Claire. I'm so glad you're here!

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