Surviving Morning Sickness

Morning sickness affects most women during at least once during their pregnancy.  I dealt with it during the first trimester and part of the second with Elizabeth, and I learned a few tricks along the way that I would like to share with you.

The first thing I recommend, which you will find anywhere, is to eat constantly.  Many little meals all throughout the day.  Think of light nausea as your body’s new way of saying “feed me.”  Find comfort in that your body’s new habit is only temporary and that some day it will just make you feel hungry rather than nauseous…

With Elizabeth, I would roll over in the middle of the night and BAM out of nowhere I would scurry into the bathroom and have an awesome date with the toilet (throwing up).  I found that gargling with Listerine before I went to bed helped!  I do not know exactly why it helped me out, but I am assuming that waking up in the middle of the night with a fresh tasting mouth helped calm my stomach.

Another thing that was beneficial was to keep a sleeve of Nabisco premium saltines crackers on my night stand.  How this works is before you get out of bed, eat a few of them and they will help settle the stomach acid so it doesn’t splosh around and force you to run to your bathroom or nearest garbage can.  Here are a couple other starches I tried and why I do not recommend them in place of saltines:  Toast.  Worked great, but the one time it failed it was very difficult coming back up, I’ll leave it at “it clumps”.  Ritz also weren’t great because they left an aftertaste which was less to be desired for me in the morning.

Lemon water throughout the day helped keep day sickness (I don’t think people call it that?) away, I wish I could point out why, but lemons seem to help out with morning sickness.

Ginger is always helpful with any form of nausea, but is one of my favorite ways to deal with morning sickness when it happens in the middle or end of the day.  Schweppes Ginger Ale is my favorite because they manufacture my favorite ginger ale of all time (which I discuss in this post).

Accupressure works as well.  There is one pressure point which I have found to be reliable and that is the Neiguan pressure point.  The best way to find the pressure point is to hold your hand flat, palm up, and using your other hand lay 3 fingers on your wrist at the base of your palm.  After that, place your thumb against your third finger.  You should feel two tendons and that is the point to put slight pressure onto.  You can roll your thumb in a circular motion if desired but I have always just held it still and been successful.  Last point about this pressure point (see what I did there?) is that I really disliked sea bands.  I have small wrists and they were far too tight and left very painful indentations on my wrists.

photo source

If you have a tough time with your prenatals, I will recommend for you to take them at night, rather than in the morning.  I was unable to keep them down until I began taking them at night.  (I also loved the chewable ones, so yummy)!

The last thing I recommend is a medication from your doctor, I was prescribed zofran and it was my cure-all when the above failed for me.  Do you have any tricks up your sleeve to help out other mamas during this stage of their pregnancy journey?


Author: Katrina

My name is Katrina and I’m married to the love of my life, William, who is a first lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps. Together we have the most precious little girls, Elizabeth Lorraine and Alodia Claire. I'm so glad you're here!

1 thought on “Surviving Morning Sickness”

  1. Great post, I found saltines and ginger ale helped me. I also found Preggie-Pops, they’re like sour boiled sweets, really helped especially during the day or on car journeys. I’m not sure why they work but I always keep some in my bag now for occasional waves of nausea.

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