Things I miss from Central Vermont

Vermont has such a pure lifestyle with high quality foods and products which I never fully appreciated until I left the area.

Since leaving, I frequently request things to be sent to me by my mom.  Some of these things are small business-made products local to the area, some are things that are local to the area but so large I can purchase anywhere, and one is only found there, but not related whatsoever.

KC’s bagel cafe |  Waterbury, VT

Bagels are a thing I very much miss from home, they were everywhere, but are so hard to find outside the area.  My go-to breakfast in high school was an everything bagel from KC’s with vegetable cream cheese.  (Luckily my high school purchased the delicious bagels from KC’s, otherwise I would not have had them daily.)  If everything bagels were sold out, I would get sesame.

Red Hen Baking Company  |  Middlesex, VT

Seriously.  Bread is my thing.  I cannot even begin to explain the wonder that is Red Hen Bakery’s bread.  Their rustic rolls are so delicious to just grab and eat plain.  Their bread is absolutely perfect for oil and garlic if you appreciate the delicious appetizer, subs, or just eat the bread for dinner, whatever.

The Wayside  |  Montpelier/Berlin, VT

Home cooking at its finest.  My grandparents would frequent this restaurant almost every meal they ate, and that (surprisingly) is not uncommon among the more senior of citizens in the area.  My favorites at the wayside are their breakfasts, particularly an omelette with cheddar cheese (of course) and bacon.  Their rolls are the most delicous restaurant rolls among the lands, and if you get there at an unknown perfect time they might have crispies.  Those are the BEST.  They are their special rolls sliced with some garlic mixure.  The item that my mom does send me from the Wayside is their donuts, which come covered in sugar or plain, and they disappear within 12 hours of arriving, and I’m not ashamed of it.

Positive Pie  |  Montpelier & Barre, VT

This pizza is to die for, and I miss it very much.  This isn’t something I have sent to me, but it has created a monster in me that has caused me to be on the hunt for another perfect pizza joint every new location I live in.

Angeleno’s Pizza   |  Montpelier, VT

This pizza joint has been around since 1982, and it is still my mom’s go-to.  Montpelier has always had many pizza places, but Angeleno’s is my favorite.  The price, the salads, the other entrees, the list goes on as to why it is the best.

Morse Farm Maple Sugarworks  |  Montpelier, VT

Growing up we made our own maple syrup, but since, the syrup we purchase is from this family.  I receive maple syrup by the half-gallon, and go through them every handful of months.  Almost every package I receive from my mom includes these mouthwatering maple cookies.

Cold Hollow Cider Mill  |  Waterbury, VT

This cider is the best cider in the entire world, end of story.  Their cider donuts are also to die for.

Ben and Jerry’s  |  Waterbury, VT

Now this I can purchase anywhere in the world, but  Ben and Jerry’s ice cream is definitely something I miss from home.  Seeing a scoop shop has, and I think always will, warm my heart.

Cabot Cheese  |  Cabot, VT

This is similar to Ben and Jerry’s in that I can purchase it almost anywhere, but it is so important that it must be mentioned.  I miss having chests in each grocery store dedicated solely to Cabot cheese.  I miss seeing two pound bricks of cheese, and I miss the variety.  White Extra Sharp Cheddar is my favorite to eat as a snack, and will always remind me of home.

This one is somewhat of a weird one: Nobody in our family and group of close friends can figure out where else to purchase this delectable drink, but Central Vermont is the only physical location where we have been able to find Schweppes Raspberry Ginger Ale.  Only one grocery store chain sells the drink; they also sell their own generic brand.  It is my absolute favorite soft drink and it is heartbreaking how difficult it is to find.  Do you have Raspberry Ginger Ale near you?

Hopefully I helped inspire you to think of the great perks of home, wherever that may be to you.  If you ever visit Central Vermont please visit these locations and eat the yummy food for me! ❤


Author: Katrina

My name is Katrina and I’m married to the love of my life, William, who is a first lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps. Together we have the most precious little girls, Elizabeth Lorraine and Alodia Claire. I'm so glad you're here!

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