Postpartum fitness

I am a lazy person, anybody who knows me will say that.  I like to be sedentary and that is pretty much it.  Unfortunately living a lifestyle like that is unhealthy.  Our bodies were made to move, and they should be used that way.  My mom has always said, “If you don’t use it, you lose it.”  She typically is referring to elderly who refuse to walk, but it can be used outside that as well.

During my pregnancy I walked a lot, luckily I lived in the desert where I was guaranteed to have good weather, but that is beside the point.  I also walked while I was in the early stages of labor, unknowingly.

Elizabeth was born on a Tuesday and my midwife told me to rest until Monday, and start walking again.  I would walk daily, after dinner and before bed, for a half hour.  My friend who had her little girl 2 days after Elizabeth and I would walk together and I think we would walk a little faster every day.  This is one of the biggest things I miss from the desert.

Since arriving back on the East Coast, I haven’t been walking because it has rained almost daily since we arrived in October.  I have been wanting to strengthen my body more so I found a few infographics online from Popsugar that I have been working on and love!  They are a really great pace for a beginner, and a perfect length to set a goal and stick to!  These are the workouts that I have been working on:

2-week plank challenge

30-day squat challenge

2-week crunch challenge

During my pregnancy yoga was my all time favorite work out.  My goals for the near future is to pick back up with doing yoga regularly, and start with some sort of cardio video.  Which video series do you recommend?


Author: Katrina

My name is Katrina and I’m married to the love of my life, William, who is a first lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps. Together we have the most precious little girls, Elizabeth Lorraine and Alodia Claire. I'm so glad you're here!

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