Our Story in pictures and captions

I thought that I would add a bit of background for my readers to better understand where my 2nd Lt and I am coming from.

We met on accident. Yep.  I met a guy with a friend of mine named Will.  He was tall, dark, and handsome, and a couple more facts about him, and my friend decided to find him on the ever-worthy facebook.  Well, she found who she thought was him, and sent a friend request while sending me the link to his page.  His profile was locked tight; I couldn’t see anything, but what I could see matched everything we knew to a T so I sent him a friend request as well.  Well, when he messaged me to ask who I was and why I sent him a request, I learned he was not in fact the person we thought he was, but he was the person who later became my husband.  I absolutely love our story and it’s all because of my friend’s simple mistake on a social networking site.


This was taken that fall, during family weekend at Norwich University.  Let me introduce First Sergeant Butler, which he was in the Corps of Cadets that year.  That still sounds more comforting to me than Second Lieutenant Butler, to be honest.  This next photo is at the Regimental Ball which is held around Halloween every year at Norwich.  It is, from what I understand, to celebrate the beginning of the final year for the cadet seniors.


Norwich is the oldest private military college in the country, and my family history with the school is older than a century, which is why I attended the university.  Will went because that’s where the Marine Corps sent him.  He received his ROTC scholarship during his senior year in high school; he had to apply and be accepted to 5 schools, rank them, and then be sent wherever the Corps wanted.  This is from the first Marine Corps ball I ever attended, again, at Norwich:


Check out that handsome man.  This next photo is from the junior ring ball.  One of his rings, his garrison, can be seen somewhat in the following photo.  Take note to how Will looked like Uncle Fester during his Junior year. (Sorry babe!)


The junior ring ball is held in the spring, and the following summer was an eventful one for my husband, boyfriend at the time.  The summer before their senior years in college, ROTC contracted midshipmen are sent to OCS (Officer Candidate School) at Brown Field in Quantico for 6 weeks of training.  His began just after the 4th of July.  The day before graduation is family day, you’re allowed 7 hours with your candidate to do as you please, just being releasing the families to see their candidates they are briefed on what OCS is all about.  One of the jokes the speaker made was that this will be the shortest hair we’ve ever seen on our loved one’s head.  Well, let this photo show you that it was the complete opposite for me:


Look at how skinny he was!  The next day was graduation.  Look at him with nothing on his camis.


A couple months later we attended another Regimental Ball, which was without a doubt the best one ever (thanks to my bff, love you Nicholle!).  It’s also the best looking we ever were if I may say so myself! 😉


Check out that fake (cadet) major rank he has on there!  A week later we had the Marine Corps Ball, looking snazzy yet again.  You must notice that after OCS William decided to keep a little bit of hair on his head!


Later that year, in the early spring we had some photos done at a lovely estate in Richmond called Maymont Park:

530521_10200335963873131_1780272322_n 5473_10200335961913082_1781582332_n


The next real event was William’s graduation! Magna Cum Laude, yay!


And the following day was his commissioning!  Finally a Second Lieutenant!


A couple weeks later he proposed and his friend fortunately got it all in photos.  It was one of the best days of my life, without a doubt.  It was such a beautiful day with the weather, the surroundings and the people.


After our engagement not much happened in our relationship.  We had to wait a year for him to report to The Basic School, which was very lucky for me because it gave me the opportunity to finish my bachelors degree before he left for school.  We had official engagement photos done by our wedding photographers.  They did such an amazing job on our engagement photos, but their talent ended there, so this is the last of the hired photographer’s photos.



So the next thing would be the Marine Corps Ball that fall.  It was our first birthday ball where he was an actual Marine!


Then, our wedding.  It was a great day.  So much went wrong but the whole purpose was to marry this guy, and that happened so it must have been a success.  Well, one of the terrible things about our wedding was the photographers, so here are two photos that I will share.  We were married January 3, 2014.  It was about negative 10 degrees Fahrenheit not including wind chill.  Welcome to Vermont, guests!  And I have to thank the polar vortex for that wonderful weather! 🙂

10403604_10204841324658096_9039021280805440702_n 1525623_10152206291352845_1108070268_n

After our wedding I had a semester left of school until I completed my bachelors degree.  Well, I graduated with almost the exact same degree that my husband has.  We both have a bachelor of arts in Criminal Justice from Norwich University, manga cum laude.  Where our degrees differ is that mine ends there, he has has a “MCV” diploma which is a little better than mine.  All it means is that he was in the corps of cadets, MCV means Military College of Vermont.


The day after my graduation we traveled down to Virginia where Will had already been in TBS for a few weeks, and we have been here since, surviving TBS and waiting to find out what his MOS will be, and where we will be stationed to live…


Author: Katrina

My name is Katrina and I’m married to the love of my life, William, who is a first lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps. Together we have the most precious little girls, Elizabeth Lorraine and Alodia Claire. I'm so glad you're here!

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