DIY – Chevron baby afghan round II

I posted about this blanket awhile ago and was in the process of making my second (seen in purple, below).  This pattern is so easy to make and, if done loyally, only takes 2 to 3 weeks to complete!   Continue reading “DIY – Chevron baby afghan round II”

Fitness – Zen Yoga

I didn’t quit after my first workout (which is what always happens after running, darn those shin splints) and I did it again!  This time I chose a Zen Yoga from that very same website and trainer.  Rebecca-Louise at is my idol now.  Again the video was under 20 minutes, it was very relaxing but still challenged me just enough.  This workout helped me realize that I may have lost my muscle mass in the past year but that I still have my balance and flexibility which was really good for my self-esteem!  I have never done yoga and this workout has made me want to do yoga always and forever (I feel like I should add a little heart here).  In the just-under-17-minutes video, Rebecca-Louise allows you to stretch while using your body to balance itself.  It’s like you’re stretching while secretly working out your muscles, it’s a sneaky mind-trick!   Continue reading “Fitness – Zen Yoga”

Fitness – Pilates

I realized last month that my legs are the smallest that they have been in years and I really disliked that, but the realization was so imperative for me to get back into shape.  Since I am pretty darn frugal, I didn’t want to buy a membership to a gym, and the only gym I can use for free is on base which I have heard only has weights.  Needless to say, I don’t weight lift nor do I care to, so I found this website: and it is amazing.  Seriously, they have a great variety of workouts.  I did the Pilates ab workout by Rebecca-Louise and she was so good at giving directions it was just so wonderful. Continue reading “Fitness – Pilates”